Will Deck

The missing link in employee benefit programmes

Estate planning

Many employers are spending thousands of dollars on life insurance and KiwiSaver each year without realising the importance of coupling this with a Will.

Likewise most people don't realise when they pass away that these funds are considered personal assets and are not immediately available to their loved ones. Additionally, if there isn't a Will in place the time and cost to access these funds if the worst were to happen increases by an estimated 50%. To give that perspective, this could mean an estate administration fee upwards of $15,000 and over 18 months before any funds can go to beneficiaries.

The Will Deck is our foundational estate planning platform designed to share all the “need to know” stuff regarding Wills and estate administration via digital learning labs. It also provides the ability to create, keep up to date and store a legally valid online Will.

Will Deck
  • Learning Labs
  • Bite size videos on estate administration
  • Online Will
  • Creation of an online Will
  • Footprint Rewards
  • A program to help save on estate administration fees
  • Will Update
  • Ability to update the Will annually
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • to financial services experts
  • Digital Vault
  • 24/7 access for storage of important documents
  • Will Notifications
  • Notify selected recipients of the Wills existence and digital location

The knowledge gained through our bite sized informative Learning Labs provides your employees with a solid understanding of estate planning before writing their own Will. After filling in the easy question/answer template the submitted Will is reviewed by a professional Will drafter and turned into a legal document.

Once the Will is signed and witnessed it can then be securely uploaded into their personal digital vault. The original hard copy can be sent to us, so we can keep it in our flood and earthquake proof location. With over 39% of people not knowing where their parents’ wills are stored, we have enabled your employee with the ability to notify a trusted friend or family member regarding the Wills existence and location. Employees with an existing Will can also use the platform the same way by utilising the Learning Labs, digital storage and online notifications. At any point they can also create a new Will ensuring that it reflects their current circumstances.

The Will Deck is a unique financial wellbeing benefit that can be incorporated into an existing employee benefit programme or as a new standalone benefit. Enabling you to assist your employees to protect what’s important providing greater financial protection for employees and their whānau.

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