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Our Culture

Our vision is to create a mind-set and behaviour change that results in every person getting a Will earlier in life

Our mission

We’re on a mission to shift the perception in Aotearoa that Wills are only for old people with lots of money by building awareness, increasing knowledge and enabling action to protect families and avoid unnecessary hardship.

We care about doing the right thing, that’s why when we say “we’ll see you right” we mean it! We are big believers in stories, especially the one about you. This is the story that reflects your life journey; it includes the things you’ve collected along the way, the loved ones you want to take care of even if you’re not around, and the difference you made to others.

As corny as it sounds, your Will is the last chapter in your story and we want to help you tell it. Your Story, your way, It’s that simple!

Our Values

We'll see you right

Our Behaviour

Totally legit

Our Credibility

Keeping it real

Our Approach

Give it a crack

Our Attitude

Doin' our bit

Our Contribution

I’ve always wanted the best for my family and thought I understood Estate Planning well, until I started working at Footprint and really got to understand it. I want to enable people to make the best decisions about their estates and supporting their family by helping close the gap around education of Wills and Estate Planning. I’m proud to be a part of a company that is disrupting the present and changing the future. Our logo symbolises a ripple effect enabling change when it comes to more people getting Wills sorted earlier in life.

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Belinda Heunis

Chief Business Officer

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