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Our Contribution

We come from philanthropic roots and giving back is in our DNA, which is why we donate 5% of profits to charity

Turn your story into a legend

Since our inception, giving back has always been a priority.

We want to make sure that not only are we contributing wherever we can but we make it easy for everyone to leave a piece of their legacy to a good cause.

That’s why when our system was built we made sure to include a special section that allows you to support a cause close to you by leaving a bequest in your Will.

How it works

Choose a charity

We integrated the New Zealand Charity Register into our platform. Once you choose a charity, our system will populate the charity number so you can be assured your contribution goes to the right cause.

Enter your amount

Any amount makes a difference so enter as little or as much as your want.

Make a difference

Have the peace of mind knowing one of your last actions was to support a cause in need that has always been close to your heart and know you’ve made a difference.

Interested in leaving behind a legacy?

Check out our products then include a gift in your Will